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Pure Massage
Pure is what we are all about, no gimmicks, no games, no annoying and complicated contracts, or unreasonable rules. No extra costs or sales pitches, just pure massage at a great price. It’s pure and simple just for you!

Kellum Johnson Kellum Johnson, LMT
Texas License Number MT031245

Kellum has been a licensed massage therapist for over thirteen years. He has a background in neuroscience, health care, and biology.

Kellum’s specialties include sports massage, deep tissue work, and prenatal massage for pregnant clients.

Heidi Goodnow, LMT
Texas License Number MT100414

Heidi has more than ten years of massage experience including work as a massage instructor. Heidi’s background is in nursing (as a Licensed Nurse’s Assistant in her native New Hampshire).

Her massage knowlege includes relaxation massage, deep tissue work, pregnancy massage, and reflexology.

Heidi Goodnow

Specialty Services

One hour $48
Additional time $24 per half hour

There is never an additional charge for any of these specialty services

Deep Tissue Massage
In conjunction with your massage, you may request deep, therapeutic pressure to be performed wherever it is required. Deep tissue work may involve a degree of discomfort (your therapist will always communicate with you about the comfort level.

Heidi and Kellum are both very experienced in deep tissue work.

Prenatal Massage
Kellum and Heidi are certified in pregnancy massage and have had years of experience working with pregnant clients. Prenatal massage is typically performed with the woman lying on her side (bolsters and body pillows are used). Prenatal massage addresses sore back, shoulders, and neck.

It is safe at any time during your pregnancy. Please call for more details.

Heidi is very experienced in the art of reflexology. This ancient Chinese technique addresses problems in the body using tiny points in the foot (called reflex points). In addition to relaxing the foot, reflexology is good for many pains and problems, enhancing overall health, and normalizing overall body functioning.

Full Body Massage
Massage of the back, legs, feet, hands, arms, and head is done on the massage table. The client undresses to their own level of comfort and is draped with a sheet and/or a blanket.

Chair Massage
Massage of the back, hands, shoulders, and scalp, it is done on the massage chair. Chair massage is usually done through clothing.

Special Events

Office Calls
Treat your coworkers (and yourself) to a relaxing break from their work day. We will set up our massage chair(s) in a break room or spare office and perform chair massages. Please call for details.

Massage Parties
Turn your get-together into something your guests will never forget by adding a massage therapist. Chair or table massage (or both, if you wish) may be set up in a spare room or common area.

Great for Game Night • Mother’s Day • House Warmings • Holiday Parties • Family Reunions • Baby Showers • Bridal Showers • Cast Parties • Father’s Day • Sporting Events • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties • BBQs • Teacher / Nurse Appreciation Day • or whatever event you have!

Price for house/office calls and massage parties is $72 per hour

The services listed here are given for the purposes of relaxation, pain relief, and sports training only. These are not medical procedures and are not for the purpose of treating any medical condition. Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified physician.

Contact and Location Information:

682.564.7374 (Kellum)
214.469.8437 (Heidi)

8641 5th St, #E5, Frisco, TX 75034

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